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Mikki I won't Bite Dog Muzzle

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Product Description

Mikki Muzzles are a lightweight and comfortable alternative to traditional basket muzzles. With an adjustable strap and easy-fit snap lock, your dog can pant, drink, and even treat train while wearing it. It also features a collar attachment to prevent removal. Perfect for preventing injury or legal complications, pair it with our Mikki Multi Lead or Recall Training Lead for added safety and training options.

Size List

Size 0: Yorkies, Cavalier Spaniels,Miniature Breeds - 10cm
Size 1: Whippets, Westies, Jack Russells, Dachshunds - 12cm
Size 1XL: Larger Size of 1 - 13cm
Size 2: Beagles, Springers, Cockers, Poodles (Std) - 14cm
Size 2 XL: Larger Size of 2 - 16cm
Size 3: Labradors, GSD, Dobermans, Retrievers - 18.5cm
Size 3 XL: Larger Size of 3 - 19.5cm
Size 4: Wolfhounds, Great Danes, St. Bernards - 24cm
Size 4 XL: Larger Size of 4 - 28.5cm
Size 5: Rottweilers, Bull Mastiffs - 21.5cm
Size 5 XL: Larger Size of 5 - 26.5cm
Size 8: Boxer - 30cm
Size 10: Staff, Bull Terriers - 22cm

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Mikki I won't Bite Dog Muzzle