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Guinea Grub - Guinea Pig Forage Treat Box

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Product Description

The wooden crate is for display purposes only and is not included as part of the bundle.

The Fangs N Fings Guinea Grub treat box is specifically curated for guinea pigs and contains a selection of nutritious forage foods and treats. These treats are rich in vitamin C and fibre, making them a healthy addition to your pet's diet. We use only high-quality, natural ingredients that are free from additives to ensure your guinea pig receives the best possible nutrition.

The Guinea Grub treat box contains:

1 x Dried Nettle Leaves (50g)

1 x Dried Blackcurrant Leaves 50g

1 x Linden Leaves (50g)

1 x Dried Alfalfa (50g)

1 x Parsley Stalks (50g)

1 x Dill Stalks (50g)

1 x Dried Carrot Flakes (20g)


All pouches are heat-sealed to ensure longer freshness.

*The exact product and packaging may vary slightly depending on availability, substitutions will be as close a match as possible.

Additional Information

All treats are 100% natural from best quality ingredients from growers all around the world & locally across the UK

Suitable For

• Guinea Pigs
• Rabbits

Nutrition & Analysis

• Nettle Leaves
• Blackcurrant Leaves
• Linden Leaves
• Alfalfa
• Parsley Stalks
• Dill Stalks
• Carrot Flakes


Some treats may not be suitable for Degus & Chinchillas

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Guinea Grub - Guinea Pig Forage Treat Box

£13.50 GBP