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Betta LCD Thermometer

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Product Description

The Betta LCD Thermometer is an essential tool for precision monitoring your aquarium's water temperature. Using liquid crystal strips provides accurate readings by changing colour at different temperatures. An easy-to-read display and convenient adhesive design make it a must-have for any aquatic expert.

Additional Information


Decide on location (the thermometer must be placed outside the aquarium below the waterline, away from direct sunlight) and ensure the glass is clean. Remove the paper backing from the thermometer and attach it to the glass.

To read:

Green indicates the correct temperature. If green is not visible, the temperature will be midway between tan and blue.

The thermometer can be moved by gently peeling it from the glass, taking care not to damage the liquid crystal display. Check regularly for accuracy using another thermometer.


To install, connect to tubing from your air pump, and lay it towards the rear of the aquarium. The stone can be hidden from view using rocks or plants etc.

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Betta LCD Thermometer

£0.99 GBP