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Alfalfa Pellets

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Product Description

Emerald Green Alfalfa pellets are a nutritious and natural feed option for animals in pellet form. They offer slow-release energy in the form of highly digestible fibre and provide high-quality protein as well as a variety of vitamins and minerals.

Alfalfa is a legume with deep roots that contains a wealth of natural minerals and vitamins but has low levels of sugar and starch. It is an excellent source of digestible fibre, protein, and calcium.

These alfalfa pellets are made by cutting the plants at their optimal stage of growth and flash-drying them at a high temperature to preserve the natural vitamins and minerals found within the plant.

Nutritional info

Dry Matter Dried Alfalfa

Protein 18%, Fibre 30%, Oil 3.5%, Ash 9.7%, Calcium 1.37%, Phosphorous 0.29%, Magnesium 0.21%, Potassium 1.90%, Sodium 0.14%, Sulphur 0.35%, Cobalt 0.28mg/kg, Iodine 0.49mg/kg, Copper 6.90mg/kg, Iron 145mg/kg, Manganese 25mg/kg, Molybdenum 1.00mg/kg, Zinc 22.4 mg/kg, Selenium 0.15mg/kg, Vit E 34 iu/kg, B-carotene (Vit A) 31.2iu/kg, Digestible Energy 10.7iu/kg, Sugar 8.9%, Starch 5%

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Alfalfa Pellets