Hamster Accessories

What accessories do I need for a hamster?

Giving your hamster plenty of enrichments to chew, climb, dig, explore, forage and hide will help to stimulate their natural behaviour.

Plastic Hamster House

Products such as shelters and tubes will provide the hamster with hideaway areas to bury their food, mimicking their behaviour in the wild. Adding a thick layer of bedding to your hamster's habitat, will also encourage your hamster to dig and bury.

Wooden Gnawing Toys

Supplying enrichments such as wooden gnawing toys to chew will help keep your hamster’s teeth short, make sure that your hamster has enough toys to chew on, replacing then when worn. 

Curved Tunnels

Hamsters are nocturnal in captivity; they are highly active at night exploring their environment. Hamsters need a lot of space to explore, in the wild they can run up to five miles in a night. Cardboard tubes and wooden tunnels are fantastic boredom breakers and help to keep your pet entertained.

Wheels & Flying Saucers

Exercise wheels and flying saucers will allow your hamster to burn off energy. Wheels should be solid to prevent injury. Hamster wheels should be at least six inches for dwarf hamsters and ten inches for Syrian hamsters.


Play Pens

A hamster playpen can be used to supply extra exercise outside of the cage, the playpens can be filled with tunnels, cardboard tubes, sea-saws, hiding places and chew toys.

Hamsters may escape from playpens so they must be always supervised whilst in a playpen.


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