Customer Notice - Chargeback!


I quickly want to address bank and credit card Chargeback!

The bank does not give you your money back, the original merchant has to pay it along with £15+ worth of admin fees, not only has the merchant lost out on the goods sent, they have lost all the fees they have paid to list and sell the item. Whilst it true that many large companies can absorb this cost it can be crippling to small business like myself.

I will happily refund or replace any stock purchased, you just need to contact me through the contact system where you bought your treats from.

Sadly any customers that have requested chargeback without contacting Fang N Fings first will be blocked from further purchases.

Sorry I have to do this but if I continue to allow this to happen I will have no revenue left to keep Fangs N Fings open.

Thank you for reading


Fangs N Fings



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